Hi there!

I’m Rinsky. Pleased to meet you. One half of the dynamic duo destined to ‘cleanse the day’ alongside Michelley. Do we sound like unlikely super heroes? Maybe…

I love food. In general life as well as holidaying it’s definitely a highlight for me. I enjoy cooking. Even midweek in post-work frenzy style cooking. I even like cooking when it is the end of a big day and no one else wants to. I like to cook and listen to music. Cook and chat to a friend. I like recipes. I like recipe books. I like cooking shows. But I mostly cook simple meals.

There is a particularly lovely memory of my friend, E and I. We used to house-sit on occasion and on at least one of the nights I would prepare a massive chicken salad – lots of good things like danish feta and artichokes and E would provide the hearty gossip. We’d eat the salad out of massive bowls and be sad when we realised we couldn’t go back for thirds as it was all gone.
Aren’t they wonderful things in life – good food and hearty chatter.

I guess I love food too much. I don’t like ‘junk food’ however. But I love creaminess. I love cheese. I love yoghurt. I love pastries. I get lazy if I don’t have boundaries on what I should eat and what I shouldn’t eat.

I do feel the need to give my liver a break from time to time. I’ve been on the Sandra Cabot liver cleanse about four times now and I love it. What I realised the first time I went on it was I loved denying myself. It gives me a thrill. Saying no to a friends offer of hot chips or a big slice of cake is empowering. I truly think sugar is the devil. It makes me feel moody and I always eat more if I have it.

I start feeling better than ever about three weeks into the cleanse. My skin is better. I feel better than ever. It’s all worthwhile.
I want to share my experiences on here. I want to show how I really think its the best way to eat. I want this to be the basis of my eating. If I can keep it up for the most part forever (that’s a long time) that’s what I want to try. I have many new recipes I would like to try – so I’m going to try to make myself a goal of at least one new recipe per week.

As Michelley stated we have been friends for a long time. I do loves books and I’m never without a current “read”. I live in Brisbane, so Michelley and I are not currently together. I find it so helpful to have a friend to bounce ideas about meals off. So between Steph who conveniently lives next door to me, and Michelley in Sydney we are all striving to stay motivated.
The other interest I have that is very much shared with Michelley is my love of film. Movies of all sorts of genres and eras. I have a healthy DVD collection and am often found quoting from movies.

So welcome. Sit down. Stay awhile.


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