The numbers count…

Yesterday I had a pretty good day, minus the 70% chocolate. I ate four pieces and semi crashed. Since then I have realised that Lindt’s 85% chocolate has half the amount of sugar, weighing in at just 5.6grams per 40 gram serving! Dark chocolate is also lactose free, which is a win for me. So its my goal to have no more than two pieces of 85% per day, only if I feel like I really need something to fix my cravings! The 85% doesn’t taste sweet at all to me.

Here are some of my meals from yesterday:-

I started my day off with some oolong tea. I love fresh oolong tea. The leaves expand and can be used 4-6 times in a day. This is my favourite tea.

Breakfast was fantastic. Rye toast with eggs, avocado and homemade salsa. The salsa was pretty spicy!

For lunch I felt like veges. I bought this steamer which I can use to steam my vegetables in the microwave. It works a treat!

Lunch. Adobe pulled pork with brown rice and steamed veges…

In the sauce is apple cider vinegar, jalapenos, soy sauce, bay leaves and lots of garlic. So good!

All in all a good day yesterday. Today I’m on day 5!


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