Today’s efforts

Today was ok. Not as good as I had planned, but I didn’t eat processed foods, or foods that had sugar/wheat/gluten or dairy. So not all was lost. At one store I found some amazing lentil patties made with lentils, sweet potato, shallots, pumpkin seeds with herbs and spices. Incredibly good! I had one of those for lunch.

For breakfast I had a soy decaf latte and a bowl of oatmeal made with some almond milk. In it I mixed a teaspoon of honey and some whole almonds. It doesn’t look like much, but boy was it delicious!

I went shopping in my lunch break and got some goodies. I’ve been doing extremely well all week and needed some snacks and a break from routine. I got a package of organic sweet potato chips, a packet of vege chips, 85% dark chocolate, Yalla Hommus, Emma & Toms fruit juice, Gluten free bread, walnuts and a fruit snack (no sugar, preservatives etc etc added).

The bad part of my day was that I had a couple of pieces of the 85% chocolate, both packets of chips and the fruit snack. There was no sugar in any of these things, but it replaced the nutritious meals I had planned for myself. Work in progress. I wasn’t hungry for dinner because of the chips. I struggle with dinner at the best of times. The good thing is that I ate fruit and other healthy meals today. I’ve been doing well with my fruit and vege intake.

I’m loving hommus and have been having it most afternoons for my snack with veges or rye crackers.

Tonight I made some muffins from the LCD book. Banana and walnut muffins. I used Bob Mills All Purpose Flour. They look pretty good. Hopefully they taste it. I forgot the vanilla essence! Oops!


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