Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved

So where does it all begin. Where is the inspiration for the eating plan?

Introducing Sandra Cabot’s Liver Cleansing Diet. I first learned about the red-headed lady and her diet years and years ago – it was a book that my mum always seemed to have. And when I was in my teens it was the first time I descended on the cleanse. All I remember was my mum bringing a big brown cardboard box home from the shops full of fruit and veggies and tahini paste as an alternative to peanut butter. I guess peanut butter must have featured heavily in our lives. There is an excellent story of when my maternal grandmother first tried peanut butter. She was living in the south of Germany in Bavaria during World War II and the American army came through and brought with them great supplies of the spread. How cool is that?

The basic principles of the cleanse to me mean: no red meat, eat lots of fish and I allow chicken. No dairy, but this time around I am allowing myself some milk in my black tea and plain Greek yoghurt. No processed foods. No sugar – although you are allowed natural alternatives like stevia and honey. Lots of fresh fruit and veggies. I take a liver tonic in the form of a tablet once a day. Also Motion Potion for inner health. Check out the write up here, it’s amazing stuff. I’m a convert. There is also talk of juicing in the mornings before breakfast but I have been taking powdered wheatgrass instead. It tastes like liquid seaweed when it’s made up.

Forgive me if I don’t always follow the cleanse to the letter. You may hear me talk about things that aren’t what you think I should be eating for someone on a liver cleanse. Sorry. I don’t know what else to say. For instance, according to Sandra the cleanse should span eight weeks. In that I definitely agree. Actually I hope to continue it alot longer. I’d like it to become the basis of my regular eating plan. But for the scheduled eight weeks the first two weeks you are allowed chicken as well as fish. For the middle four weeks you are to cut out the chicken. But in the past I have found that I couldn’t give it up for fear I would tempt myself to fall flat on my face so to speak. So I have kept up the chicken and fish eating for the whole eight weeks.

I am an obsessive eater. Once I find something I like I’ll eat it regularly for at least a few weeks. At the moment my mid-week lunch option has been starring tuna and beans from a can – but I think I need to start making it up myself. Add to that one microwaved potato with salt and plain yoghurt. And two carrots to fill the quota of fresh vegetables.

Although I haven’t made any recently I do love homemade hummus and carrot sticks for snacks. And for dinner time – I’ve been obsessed with fresh salmon baked in aluminium foil in the oven sprinkled with grated ginger and lemon juice. YUM!

Oh and Michelle told me about almond paste and it’s bliss! Yesterday I had it spread on toast, and this morning I had it with my rice porridge. Again – amazing!

It’s easy to become obsessed with food, the real challenge is to become obsessed with good healthy food.


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