A new day with no mistakes

This looks like any old egg on toast. But it’s not. Rye bread, avocado, tomato and a poached egg with a little salt to taste. It signifies the start of a new day and new week. This weekend I ate too much. I didn’t eat atrociously, sans jelly bellies. I ate more sugar than I can handle. Saturday night we had guests for dinner. For dessert I made an apple crisp which came out beautifully! I skipped the vanilla icecream which everyone ate with the dessert and instead just had some of the apple crisp. The sugar wasn’t my friend. So yesterday I decided to eat well. And I did. Then later my friend and I dove into the jelly bellies. The sugar hit me like a pack of samboy chips. It altered my mood and I went to bed feeling a little depressed, and woke up feeling that way. I have noticed over the past month that if I eat sugary sweets, my mood changes. I hope that experiencing this changes my response when offered sugar. When I’m offered icecream I never ever say yes. When I look at icecream I see a stomach ache and being curled up in bed. It’s enough to ensure that I have no desire to eat icecream. I’m hoping I can eventually look at sugary sweets and feel the same way.

So today is the start of a new week. A week which is full of hope. It’s a public holiday today, and I’m visiting Rinsky at the end of the week!!



One thought on “A new day with no mistakes

  1. Woohoo!!! It’s going to be a GREAT week!!!

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