Cleansers Unite!

As Michelley intimated a few posts ago the cleansers got to unite over the weekend! So to Brisbane Domestic Airport we found ourselves travelling to collect Michelley and her husband, Daniel. What a weekend it was. We had a fabulous time despite some of the crew being a little under the weather. But to the food!

In my own head I knew the weekend would be a bit of a free for all. Eg. Friday night – Beer! Chicken Schnitzel! Cream sauce!
And it only increased from there – sunshine at the Eumundi markets along with polish treats and a german sausage with sauerkraut and mustard!
A highlight was going to visit Husk and Honey in Nambour. Nambour was not a place to dawdle in (there was rainforests to visit), but this cafe made it all worthwhile. Had a look through the cookbook of the original owner, Tania Hubbard, called Gluten-free Grain-free Food we Love. It looks great. And a sneaky trial of a couple of the produce of the book ensured that I’ll be hitting up the website and buying the book.

Amazing crumbly sweet shortbread!

Wonderfully tasty with a slint hint of banana!

Turns out – we encourage one another to splurge so I’m kinda glad it was only a weekend otherwise we would have all gone nuts! And my skin is suffering. I had some of the Milka milk chocolate on Monday with Michelley over a cup of tea and it tasted so sweet! Overly sweet. It’s amazing how your taste changes when you’ve been without sugar for so long.

Oh yeah, also this happened:

Eggs Benedict with extra hollandaise!

Needless to say, that won’t be happening again for a while! It didn’t make my stomach feel tremendous.

All in all a fantastic weekend. We’re hoping they come back soon! Permanently! 😉


4 thoughts on “Cleansers Unite!

  1. Michelle says:

    How funny that we were so bad when together!
    I really liked your treat at Husk & Honey. I thought it was the best!
    I’m still feeling a little blah after eating so full on all weekend. The chocolate was the last straw for my stomach. It’ll take a few days of healthy eating to get back on track!
    Yes, the chocolate was so sweet! Would you believe that the only chocolate I’m loving these days is Green & Black’s 85% dark chocolate?

    • captaindecibel says:

      Oh thanks for the reminder about Green & Black’s – I MUST put that on my shopping list!
      The Milka chocolate was ridiculous. My skin is starting to clear up. It’s given me a good boost to get healthy again.

      • Michelle says:

        They have it on sale at various places here for $5.00 for two blocks! Needless to say I stocked up!

      • captaindecibel says:

        Major supermarkets? That’s an unreal price. I’ll be purchasing a good amount no matter the price of course! 🙂

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