The Next Step

I think I’ve come to a point in my LCD (Liver Cleanse Diet) that I can start making a move away from it. From the beginning of this particular cleanse I knew the bunch of fundamentals included in the cleanse were ones I wanted to stick with. No sugar is definitely one of my main ones. But after Michelley and Daniel came to stay two weeks ago I have started to introduce a few little changes. Such as – red meat. I’ve had a few steaks for dinner this past week. Mmmm.. so tasty. And I have also introduced some white cheeses into my life – feta and haloumi. I’m still resisting sugar as much as I can, and I’m sticking with Green and Black’s 85% cocoa chocolate for a sweet treat.

The latest change is this: After a particularly lame deal with my brother I have now found myself in a new territory. We were debating emotional strength in a gender based scenario and to test that strength we are competing in a “no carbs” rule for the evening meal and beyond. I’ve been doing this for a week now, and am aiming to continue until the end of November. Since it’s getting warmer lately making salads for dinner as opposed to existing solely on steamed vegies is an option.

I’ll check back later on to see if the tag “the weight will just fall off” is actually true!


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