Self-righteous Nonesense

One of the draw-backs of the new healthy style of eating is the self-righteous babble that fills your brain. It begins very innocently. You begin to feel good and the natural reaction is to want to shout it from the rooftops.

Does anyone remember the scene in the wonderful Rogers and Hammerstein musical – South Pacific, in which Nellie sings “(I’m In Love With) a Wonderful Guy after being convinced that despite the racial differences between her and Emile, there is good in him. She discovers she is elated to be in love with him. “I’m not ashamed to reveal, The world famous feelin’ I feel. I’m in love. I’m in love. I’m in love.” You get the idea.

The same goes for the feeling I get from a cleanse. It may take a bit of time to realise that despite yearnings for what you’re used to, eg. too much sugar, there is so much to love about your new path. You wish to run around on an island and sing it in your clearest sweetest voice.

Unfortunately not so pleasant is it for the ones around me. I’m sure they are already tiring of my proclamations on fried food, bad fats and the healthier alternatives that they really should try!

I’m sorry world, but I’m in love.



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