Don’t Sweat the Sweet Stuff

2013 where did you go? Anyone would think it was so full to the brim that there was no time to think about healthy choices, meal-plans or anything of the sort. Regardless of the drought on this blog, I have spent much of the year thinking and consuming both good and bad food. I have dabbled with the LCD plan and right at the end of the year I started something completely new. One of my friends was recently diagnosed with an auto-immune illness and it was suggested to her that she cut out Grains and Sugar (possibly even dairy) to see if that would help the arthritis like pains she gets. I suggested I also take on this eating plan for at least a month as a support and inspiration for her. Not to gush too much but I have embraced this new way of eating, she has struggled.

One of my good friends who actually lives next door, Steph, is a huge inspiration for my good eating. She recently bought the book I Quit Sugar which I love. I headed straight to the Desserts and Sweets section as everyone needs go-to recipes that are quick and easy and satisfy your desire for something decadent. This book doesn’t let you down on that score.

My friend Steph introduced to me to Raspberry Ripple which is amazing. Home-made chocolate which is super simple to make and super tasty to eat. It cures cravings for the sweet stuff. Perfect! More on that later.

The other recipe that Steph sent me that I made alot over my recent holidays were the Almond Meal pancakes. Seriously you must try these:

1 cup Almond meal
2 eggs
1/4 sparkling water
Pinch of salt

Combine and fry in lots of good butter.

I served them with raspberries (I used frozen ones and they thawed out nicely on the hot pancakes), plain greek yoghurt and lashings of maple syrup and they were amazing. A very filling breakfast.

Almond meal pancakes

The decision I’ve made recently about Grain-free, Sugar-free is to keep it going or not? I think yes and for as long as I can. More recipes to follow as to how I stay sane.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Sweat the Sweet Stuff

  1. these pancakes look divine! I really need to cook more…!

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