Monday. Goal – no processed sugar or snacks

The last week I spent trying to get myself into better shape in terms of what I’m eating. I find it tough making a sudden change and need to ease myself into it. I usually make mistakes along the way, but this is to be expected. I’ve been trying to plan out my days and meals so that I a) don’t go hungry and snack on junk and b) snack on junk. I love junk food. The packaged kind which is highly processed. My goal right now is to steer clear of that. No packets of chips or cadbury chocolate.

Here’s today’s menu:-

Last night I prepared a smoothie with almond milk/banana/berries. I woke up and had this first thing. It kept me full until 9am which is when I arrived at work.

Eggs on toast. 2 x boiled eggs and a little mayo on gluten free toast. Super filling and yummy (i know, it looks a little gross)


Lunch. When I lived in America I loved Amy’s frozen meals. Yes, they are frozen. But they are the healthiest option for a frozen meal, are organic and not processed. Today I’m having indian. I found these Amy’s meals at About Life and am stoked. I love Amy’s:-


For snacks I have some barambah vanilla bean yogurt with fruit. I’m a huge fan of Barambah yogurts. They do have sugar in them, but not nearly as much as most commercial yogurts. I usually switch between Barambah or plain greek yogurt with a little honey. Either way, yogurt is always a part of my daily diet. All that good bacteria!:-


My other snack is chopped up celery, carrots and capsicum.


For dinner – I’m firing up the bbq (which might I say I am absolutely loving!) and plan on roasting corn to have with a baked potato and some vegetables. Last night I marinated some chicken for my husband, but not being much of a meat eater I’m just sticking to my veges.


2 thoughts on “Monday. Goal – no processed sugar or snacks

  1. I’m loving how organised you are for your working week. As long as I’m not hungry and searching for things during the week it makes it so much easier to stick to an eating plan!

  2. Without careful planning I am definitely one to go crazy in the food court and make bad choices. Planning really helps me.

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