The most important meal of the day…

And my favourite. Breakfast. I have always woken up each morning with a hearty appetite. I try to make breakfast a healthy one. This morning I left my smoothie at home (nooo! dinner?) and so got a juice on my way into work. The juice was very refreshing, due to the cucumber in it. It was called “the green juice” and consisted of mint/apple/spinach/cucumber/celery. A good way to start my day.

This is my favourite cereal. Mesa Sunrise. I’ve been eating it for years. Full of good grains and gluten free. npa-779001

I love it mixed with Barambah Yogurt.

Next stop. Breakfast number 2. Gluten free toast with almond spread and honey. I had such a sweet tooth and some cravings this morning. The honey and almond spread fixed that up for me.

Lunch. I should have prepared a salad, but I didn’t. Instead I brought another “Amy’s” meal – organic lasagna.


Last night I stayed up and made some turkey bolognese to have tonight. I also chopped a bunch of veges and some fruit for snacks. I’m on a roll. I just have to keep the roll going.


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