Hurry Curry

This week I have done a lot of cooking and prepping! I am quite impressed with my efforts, if I do say so! My Asian chicken crockpot dish turned out well – even my husband liked it! I have a recipe for an Indian curry which I quite like, but my husband has never enjoyed. So this time I cooked the chicken curry in the crock pot and it turned out much nicer! The chicken fell apart and swam around in the sauce like it was summertime in spiceland! This recipe entailed making a curry paste. For this I grated fresh ginger, crushed some garlic and chopped up an onion – fried it up a little and added spices cumin/coriander/turmeric/garam masala/chilli/curry powder and some water. This made a heavenly paste. The rest was a breeze. The breeze included putting chicken in the crock pot, adding some natural yogurt and crushed tomatoes along with the paste. Voila! A tasty curry.


Even my husband approved! Win-win!

Tonight I baked my trusty blueberry muffins! Looking forward to consuming those muffins later!



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