Day 1 down and no cravings as yet. I am wondering when this will happen. I made those cookies from I Quit Sugar last night in order to have something for a snack, and in case I started to go crazy! The cookies turned out really well. There was a lot of butter in this recipe so I ended up making 26 cookies.


Today for another snack I have rice thins with hummus and tomatoes. A healthy great snack. Also greek yogurt with banana and a small drizzle of honey.

Snacking is my weakness. I manage to eat pretty healthy main meals. For lunch today I’m having a lentil salad with feta cheese. Tonight I’m having some pumpkin soup I made this morning. Thats not a problem. Its the snacking. Once I start snacking on sugary things, I go crazy and then end up skipping my main meals. I put on weight, and feel awful. So I think focusing on no refined sugar (especially in snack food) is really good for me. Chocolate and cookies are my weakness and I could eat them all day. I’m such a sugar addict.

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