Sicko Saturday

I woke up full of energy and perhaps bought into that feeling too much. I’ve been sick all week then woke up this morning feeling better. However yesterday I was still sick-sick. I woke up today, the sun was shining, the air crisp and I felt a spring in my step. Before 9am I made pancakes, washed dishes, washed the bathroom and kitchen floors, then later went for a walk with a friend. Now I’m in bed feeling exhausted! Still not quite 100% yet. But its work in progress.

So since its Saturday I tried this pancake recipe. All week I had been looking forward to the weekend and making pancakes!:- Berry Coconut Pancakes
The only change was that I used almond milk instead of the coco quench (coconut/rice milk). The first couple of pancakes I made didn’t turn out so well. They were a little doughy. So I added more milk and made thinner pancakes which seemed to do the trick. Thin but larger pancakes. I ate them with greek yogurt and blueberries. I found I didn’t need the drizzle of rice malt syrup as the blueberries alone are sweet enough.


By 11am I was feeling peckish so decided to make a smoothie from a recipe I saw on here:- Creamy Dreamy Raw Chocolate Milkshake
Here is the recipe including changes I made:-

1 cup (no sugar added) almond milk
1 TBS rice malt syrup
1 heaping Tablespoon raw cacao powder
1/4 of an avocado
1/2 frozen banana
1/4 tsp. vanilla
2 handfuls of ice

I wizzed it all up in the food processor and voila! A healthy awesome treat:-


For lunch, one of my favourites – polish salad on rice crackers. I’ll make this once in a blue moon. The salad includes sour cream, cottage cheese, radish, green onion, salt & pepper. I had a friend growing up who is Polish and her Mum would often make this salad for us. We’d eat it on fresh rolls with slices of tomato for breakfast.



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