As of today I have been eating grain free for one week and sugar free for 7 weeks. This is all due to Rinsky’s persistence with me. For whatever reason I took it on board and went with it. I can’t imagine going back now. I anticipate adding back some grains into my diet like quinoa and brown rice – but keeping it at one serving a day. I do miss a diet heavier in carbohydrates. But for now its ok as long as I carefully plan it all out. I have been making snacks like Sarah Wilson’s Paleo Bread and I tried some Broccoli Pancakes the other day. The first recipe I used was just “ok”. It used coconut flour with eggs for binding. The pancakes fell apart, but they tasted really good and proved to be a very good snack at work. Next time I will try this recipe instead and see how it goes:- Broccoli Fritters

So last night I got home at 10pm and made these paleo Zucchini Fritters and they turned out exceptionally well! Super tasty. The key is squeezing out as much liquid as possible from the zucchinis:- Paleo Zucchini Fritters

Along with them I made some fresh homemade salsa to have with, although they are also great on their own.

Sorry for the poor quality photo! They taste a lot better than my photo suggests!


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One thought on “Snacking

  1. yum those zuchhinni fritters look tasty!

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