Leftover Veggie Bread

After a long day in the office I enjoy getting home and cooking. I still don’t enjoy cooking dinner for the evening. I enjoy preparing snacks and baking.

Last night I finally made Sarah Wilson’s Leftover Veggie Bread which is Paleo and very healthy! It does have buckwheat in it which not everyone classes as true “Paleo”. I have been craving carbs and decided this bread would be a good fix.

After reading comments about the bread being too moist I decided to squeeze all the water out of the zucchini. I used the two zucchinis mentioned in the recipe. Also some of the water out of the grated carrots using a clean dish towel. This worked perfectly and the bread was moist, but not undercooked or too moist. I chose to use the 1 TBS of rice malt syrup. I used pumpkin in the recipe (not sweet potato) so figured the little bit of sweetness would be nice. That worked out well. The bread doesn’t taste sweet at all, even with the TBS of rice malt syrup. So I will include it again when I make it next time. And there will be a next time!

I highly recommend this bread. Its filling and a healthy snack or breakfast. I had a slice this morning, unheated, with quarter avocado. Wonderful!






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