The bestest bread ever!

With all Michelley’s excellent posting, I have been incredibly slack and done nothing myself. I apologise. A few weeks ago I tried for the first time to make Sarah Wilson’s IQS recipe – Paleo Inside Out Bread. It turned out to be a complete success and since then I have made it multiple times and dreamed about it ever since. You will note that Michelle has posted the recipe in a previous post, but for good measure here it is again. I can’t rave enough about this bread – it is so good, tasty, perfect for snacks and how I have been eating it: for breakfasts. I just individually wrap up slices of it with gladwrap and pop them in the freezer and then take them into work and heat them up in the microwave. Serve with a generous slice of butter! I think it’s all about the flavour of the olives. Yum!

I have to add at this point how proud of Michelley I am. She has embraced the challenge of sugar-free eating so intensely and has stayed focused despite a few mis-steps. It had to happen. But she’s done marvellously. And now to take on the challenge of both grain-free and low carb eating until she has her mother visit!

She’s a star!


Paleo Inside out bread


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