What is THAT in my Food? A Guide to Decoding Food Additives

Excellent post on food additives

Nutrition Awareness

Additives. Dyes. Chemicals. Hormones. They’re everywhere, with the exception of foods grown from the earth (which is what you should be basing your diet on anyways). If you’re eating out of a box, you’re eating some things I wouldn’t exactly consider “food.”


Sixty-five years ago, everyone knew where their food came from. The local farms or the backyard. If you ventured into a grocery store back then, 95% of the things you see today would not exist. Now, manufactured “food” is a huge part of the American diet, in turn making additives like partially hydrogenated oils, MSG, corn syrup and transglutiminase (a meat glue that transforms itty bitty pieces of meat into larger cuts) a large part of our diets as well, without us giving it a second thought.

Here are just a few of those additives commonly found in our food supply:

Azodicarbonamide: sounds tasty right? It’s a bleaching agent used in white flour…

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