The plan

I have had a rough couple of days. Hit with a moderate migraine and being out of action caused me to feel a little helpless and down in the dumps.

I have slept a lot and woke up this morning feeling like myself again. The sun is bright and the skies are blue. Its a good day. It has rained so much and I have missed the warm weather!

Last night I made these muffins. They turned out well and are not unlike Wholefood Simply’s coconut bread in taste. The only substitute I made was using rice malt syrup instead of honey. Slimpalate has some wonderful paleo recipes. I use this blog frequently.

Lemon Chia Seed Muffins:-


My healthy day brought to you by….

Toast, hummus and tomato:-


Coconut Water:-


Tuna & Zucchini fritters (recipe from SlimPalate):-


I ran out of photo space on my iphone… but here is the rest of my daily menu!

Lunch:- Pumpkin lentil soup and a salad

Snacks:- Apple, Orange (I eat one every day right now! I’m obsessed with them!)

Sugar free carob bear



Vegetables for dinner!



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