Good food…

I’ve had some good meals lately that I wanted to share. Lunch yesterday was very good! Sweet potato mashed with salt and cinnamon, tuna patties served with cinnamon and cilantro. The tuna patties consisted of:

425g tin of tuna in water

3 eggs

50g almond meal

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp dried parsley


Form patties and cook on a low heat in 1TBS coconut oil. I really liked these. Simple and tasty.

I also made these wonderful breakfast muffins consisting of egg, ham, spinach, capsicum and coconut milk:

Breakfast today (very good!):

Today I made beef stew. It was random but turned out quite well!

Also muffins, click here for recipe. I changed the recipe somewhat. I doubled it, substituted oil for apple sauce. Used 5 tbs of rice malt syrup (instead of honey) and only 5 eggs. Also I needed to bake longer than the recipe said to. Next time I think I’d cook these on a lower heat. Perhaps 175 degrees celsius so they have time to dry out. I think coconut flour cooks better on a low heat:

And last but not least, curry! A recipe by Sarah Wilson. Click here to view. I over-salted this unfortunately and ended up using 1 tbs of honey to offset that. Much better! Sorry Sarah Wilson! Still good though and healthy. I like to heat this up with chopped up kale. This curry recipe is a winner and I have cooked it over and over again. This time I used coconut milk as it was what I had on hand.

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