The 2016 start

2016. I have a few goals this year and I realize that I can say I’m going to do something, but I just have to do it, otherwise nothing will change. I really need to be more diligent in eating healthy 90% of the time.

Lunch today, salad with grilled snapper, snow peas, feta, capsicum, cucumber, spinach, balsamic. To be truthful, cold snapper isn’t great. No repeat on this salad.

Teecino. Oh my goodness! Rinsky introduced me to this and I am hooked! What a great snack!

Monday’s snack. Some raw Pana chocolate and coconut water. Great healthy snack option when the cravings kick in!

This salad was great! Spinach, feta, red capsicum, cucumber, red cabbage, steamed sweet potato and tuna. So good!

What I’m up against in the kitchen at work, but am avoiding!! :

Dinner last night. Curry from I Quit Sugar. Easy to make and freeze!

Today’s brekky: paleo bread with cashew cheese and boiled egg! So good!

Today’s lunch, baked salmon with sweet potato mash and steamed brocollini! I mashed the sweet potato with butter, salt and cinnamon.


One thought on “The 2016 start

  1. What else does one need than Pana chocolate and Teecino drinks?! Welcome to 2016 and the clean slate! Can’t wait to read more about your journey!!

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