2016. It’s here. It’s happening. Did you make resolutions or goals for the new year? I chose not to make any resolutions for myself. But the one thing I wanted to try this year, for the very first time was vegan eating. For a whole month. And the month I have chosen is February. The friend I am undertaking this with, Steph, said – good, it’s a short month. So with that in mind here we go.

I’m excited about this goal. I pretty much decided to take the plunge because I want to test myself. I love meat. I think I’ll miss not eating animal products. At this stage I think I’ll miss eggs and bacon the most. Any my friends amazing pork belly. But I love the thought of being more creative with plant based foods. And the chance to try out some new ideas. I’ve been busy pinning recipes to pinterest, with only a week to go.
I already embrace hommus, and cashew cheese, soy milk and avocadoes in a big way. I’m eager to try new recipes. I think that’s the thing that has me most excited. Will I get hungrier? Will I feel lighter, as one person has assured me I will? Will I stack on weight with all the carbs I’ll be eating? Stay tuned for the answers.

The countdown begins. T minus 7 days…



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