DIY Household Cleaning Products

So along with having a greener, healthier beauty routine, I am also looking at ways I can make safe cleaning agents for the home. I have been scouring the internet for recipes and found a couple to try.

First up I made an all-purpose cleaning spray using a recipe I found from Lisa Bronner’s website – Going Green with a Bronner Mom. I had all of the ingredients and liked the recipe. Other websites suggest adding white vinegar to this mix, however I’ve read on other sites that vinegar and Dr Bronner’s soap do not mix well together, and instead curdle. So glad I read that before making a cleaning spray!

Since my spray bottle isn’t large, I halved the recipe amount suggested by Lisa Bronner instead using 30ml of Dr Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap, 500ml water and 15 drops of tea tree oil, which should help in disinfecting. The tip to put the water in first was very useful:


I used the Castile Cleaning Spray to clean the stovetop this morning. It seemed to remove grease with ease, without any nasty chemical smells and toxins! Very happy! Price? Mere cents!

Next up I made a powder laundry detergent. I’m yet to try this out, but it makes sense that we should use a more natural laundry detergent. If I’m taking such care to use more natural beauty products and eat organic foods, then it does no good wearing clothing washed in heavy chemicals.

I used this DIY powder laundry detergent recipe from Mommy Potamus. It is a recipe that doesn’t use borax. The jury is out on the safety of borax, so for now I’ve made a detergent that is super safe. I used 1 x 140g bar of Dr Bronner’s All in One Pure-Castile Bar Soap and 2 cups Washing Soda. Before making a big batch of this, I wanted to make sure it works well.

First up I finally grated the bar soap:




I put the grated bar soap and 2 cups washing soda into my food processor and whizzed up until the texture was fine:


Voila! DIY powdered laundry detergent. I’ll update in the next week to let you know what I think of it! I’ll probably add a drop or two of lavender oil to each wash for a nice smell.

Price? $7.40 for 650g DIY powdered laundry detergent – this is $11.38/kg.

Vs $32.90 for a box of 10kg Cold Powder from Costco which works out at $3.29/kg.

Wallet: Ouch.

Conscience: Priceless.

Verdict: I need to find a cheaper bar of soap.


Update: this DIY powdered laundry detergent works well! I washed a load of white towels using this detergent and added a few drops of lavender oil to the load – brilliant!

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