Four week challenge

And a new obsession.

I love feeling obsessed about something, whatever that is. I feel alive when I have something new to research or obsess over. I tend to find out everything I can about said topic and research until I’ve exhausted the subject.

A colleague said she thinks I’m searching for something in life and am going through a crisis. Little does she know me. I’ve always been this way, even as a child. I would play piano for 8 hours straight some days. I would pour over fiction and non-fiction books and stay up until 2am even at 7 years old. It’s my personality – not a crisis. When a crisis hits, I’ll know it – and no doubt will read up on how to deal with it!

Current obsession:

I turned 36 on Sunday. I was staying with friends and upon waking I thought “I feel lethargic. I need to feel tired for a different reason. I’m going to start really working out”. So I decided to book in with a personal trainer and went yesterday! My trainer has given me a 4-week challenge. No sugar/grains/beans. No calorie counting! I am embracing it.

The excitement is real my friends. I love this feeling. There is nothing like jumping on a bandwagon and feeling inspired!

Check out my instagram pics below to view my latest cooking concoctions.


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