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Lets get personal…

Lately I have been a not-so-lean, rarely-mean cooking machine. I love to cook. Where did this passion come from? I hated cooking in my 20s. As I got older, got married and realised what it meant to look after my husband, myself (and my stomach), I started venturing more into the world of cooking. Its a time in my day where I get in the zone and enjoy the simple wonders of such things as grating a carrot and measuring a cup of flour.

My day to day life is hectic. I work in the corporate world, commute amongst stressed out people, day in – day out.

I’m in and out of meetings, I often fly interstate and have a very… corporate job. There are parts of my job I enjoy, but it is not who I am. I don’t identify with the corporate world. However it pays well and I have an amazing boss who provides flexibility and trusts me. A good salary and a good boss are motivation for me to stay in that world. Plus there is a part of me that loves reconciling accounts!

I dream of working as a nutritionist, a florist or as a librarian. However right now I need to focus in on paying off some debt. It means setting aside some career goals.

In the meantime, my hobbies keep me sane. There is a part of me that is a creative dreamer. However I tend more towards the analytical thinking type and have the ability to work with very detailed information. Being 50/50 in terms of creativity/analytical thinking does two things: a) its confusing in terms of what I want to do career wise b) it opens up a lot of opportunity. I need to hone in on “B”.

I’d say most of my friends veer towards being extremely creative. I admire my friends who love to craft, sew, are amazing photographers and draw beautifully. I’m not this person. There are times I feel frustrated in that I fall somewhere in the middle. I love art and fashion, playing piano, gardening and cooking. However I also enjoy spreadsheets, bookkeeping and am very interested in programming and online marketing. I’m one of the most organised people I know and truly enjoy systems and processes.


It has been very confusing to me over the years in terms of study and a career, but finally I have made a decision as to where I’m going. I was looking at a Bachelor of Nutritional Science major, however this is not what I’ve chosen. I’m starting a programming course next month and am planning on studying an online web marketing course later this year. I believe this will be fulfilling, and I can choose to work in an area I’m interested in. eg. Working as a marketing consultant for an online retailer whose brand I am passionate about.

I am truly excited about this and had to share it with the world wide web. So thank you for reading this far.



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